I remember the precise moment that I realized I regretted voting for Donald Trump.

It was during his 60 Minutes interview
after the election. I was, like everyone else, shocked that he had won.
It seemed so unlikely based on the polls and the confidence the media
had that he would lose. It was a pleasant surprise, and I went to bed on
election night thrilled that he would be our president.

But sitting on my couch, sipping coffee as I watched the interview, I saw with my own eyes who Trump really was as a person. He backtracked
on one of his signature campaign promises: pursuing an investigation
into the Clinton email scandal. It’s not that I want Clinton to be
crucified or “locked up” — it’s the nonchalance with which he went back
on his word after hammering it repeatedly during the campaign. The ease
and quickness with which he reversed his position shook me to my core. I
realized in that moment that I had voted for a demagogue. And it was

(via I voted for Donald Trump, and I already regret it – Vox)

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