18 ‘Today Years Old’ Revelations That Might Teach Something New

The saying “you learn something new every day” may not always feel true, but on Twitter, that’s definitely the case. People are very eager to share surprising and little-known facts that blow their minds – whether they’re political or about something as trivial as the flavor of green Haribo gummy bears. These facts might not be revelatory for everyone, but they definitely aren’t common knowledge. And it’s nice to make that brain feel a little bigger. 


Text - Cavan @cavantynxn I was today years old when I found out Flo Rida is just Florida split into two words... Wand 5:33 PM 6/1/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Text - jay at home @JayWalkr i was today years old when i found out california has a bigger population than canada 746 5:08 AM - Aug 29, 2018 99 people are talking about this >


Product - Chandler Follow @Pelicans After all my years drinking these, I finally figured out that you can reverse the top and close it again 10:01 PM - 21 Jul 2017 68,641 Retweets 150,674 Likes


Text - Samantha @AngelicGirlxD I'm 22 years old &I just realized that "This little piggy went to the market" doesn't mean he went food shopping


Text - Brianna Bowers Follow @brianna_bowers I was today years old when I learned that Fes in That 70s Show really just stands for "foreign exchange student" and that's not the characters actual name 11:50 PM - 10 Jun 2018 19 Retweets 102 Likes


Text - * Erin Allison * Follow @erinmallison97 I was today years old elaine geraldine @egcarlin how old were you when you found out Woody from Toy Story's last name is Pride? 5:36 PM - 12 Jun 2018 from Oxford, MS 49 Retweets 162 Likes


Text - Jennifer Johnson @Jennifer385jj I was today years old when I found out Stan Lee makes a cameo in Princess Diaries 2. Are Princess Mia and Genovia in the Marvel Cinematic Universe???0000 www 1:01 PM 5/29/20 Twitter for iPhone


Text - abdul @ Advil i just found out that the division symbol (+) is just a blank fraction with dots replacing the numerator and denominator. oh my god. O 144K 11:04 PM - Sep 10, 2017 · Boston, MA O 55.5K people are talking about this >


Face - floni @flonimae I WAS TODAY YEARS OLD WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT @brielarson WAS ONE OF THE SIX CHICKS FROM 13 GOING ON 30 EE O 11.5K 12:00 AM - Apr 20, 2019 9 2,821 people are talking about this >


Font - AlvPerG Follow @gabrielalvper I was today years old when I found out the "L" in "Staples" in really a half open staple STAPLES 11:53 AM - 17 Jun 2018 4 Retweets 19 Likes


Text - good ol joles @JolanBiokua Just found out when someone tells you to "break a leg" in an audition it is because they are hoping you end up in the cast. Now my head is exploding


Text - SIR JOHN Follow @JIGGAA I was today years old when I found out when someone says “hold your horses" they're telling me to be stable 9:06 PM - 12 Jun 2018 4 Retweets 5 Likes


Today Years Old @todayyearsoldig How old were you when you found out the houses in Bikini Bottom are car mufflers that fell into the ocean due to pollution? 34K 4:14 AM - Oct 17, 2018 14.7K people are talking about this


Snack - BG @baybee_giant I was today years old when I found out the green haribo gummy was strawberry flavored 42238 30183 2 Raspb rry Lemon Orange Strawberty NATURA


Text - Today Years Old @todayyearsoldig I just found out today.. @fentyspride 5/26/20 how old were you when you found out that katy perry's album teenage dream cover art is actually a painting Show this thread FRASIBE 3:37 PM 5/27/20 Twitter for iPhone >


Text - @y_usraa If you want to have your mind blown: John Cena and Jackson from Hannah Montana are the exact same age John Cena / Age 43 years 23 April 1977 Spouse: Elizabeth Huberdeau (m. 2009-2012) Height: 1,84 m Jason Earles / Age gettyimages Enc MoCan 43 years 26 April 1977 Spouse: Katie Drysen (m. 2017), Jennifer Earies (m. 2002- 2013) 9:28 AM · 5/24/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Text - Today Years Old @todayyearsoldig The KFC twitter account only follows 11 people. The 5 spice girls & 6 guys named herb. This is bc of their "secret blend" of 11 herbs and spices. The 1st person to notice and point this out was sent a painting of himself holding a drumstick while riding piggyback on the Colonel. YUP


Text - WE HATE POPO @darawrXD i was today years old when i found out that pictures from the Civil Rights Movement were originally taken in color and purposefully shown to us in black and white to make us think it was a long time ago I.U.E. MARCH JOBS FOLL OUMENT NOW! HONOR IN N ENO HONOR KING: END RACISM KINE ENO RACISH tu

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