Twentieth-Century Memes That Didn’t Start The Fire

If you don’t understand the reference of the title then you are too young to be scrolling through this gallery. We’re just kidding, of course. Even if you weren’t born until after 2000, we hope you can at least learn something about the twentieth century from these memes. 

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Cartoon - Japanese censures going through WW2 history books @FreskyHistory


Hand - Defeating Nazi Germany


Text - When you ask an old person what it was like during The Great Depression" @FreskyHistory I had to beat an old lady with a stick to get these cranberries.


Text - Henry VIII after the Pope refused to grant him a divorce from Catherine of Aragon @FreskyHistory I'm starting my own religion.


Animated cartoon - When you, France and Israel invade Eygpt but both the US, USSR and ÚN tell you to withdraw - voiding your status as a superpower


Cartoon - Becoming a captain in the polish army Still being outranked by a bear


Text - JFK bought 1,200 cuban cigars just hours before signing the embargo against Cuba 9.9% 0.12 @FreskyHistory 286 A 0.468 2.286 1.4563 156 0287 NUstonks M0.1204 3.234 .1900


Outerwear - normal people using face masks to protect them selves from corona: me and the boys:


People - *The British take possession of the Koh-i-Noor diamond* A slew of others: @FreskyHistory Pakistan India Afghanistan GIVE IT BACK, NOW! 10


Product - President Ford escaped two assassination attempts by women in California 17 days apart Gos Buos @FreskyHistory I'm bulletproof.


Forehead - "What happened to those millions of unsold 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' video game cartridges?" Atari: O #SchittsCreek @FreskyHistory I LITERALLY DON'T KNOW


Team - WHO WOULD WIN THE 1980 OLYMPIC HOCKEY GOLD MEDAL? The Soviet A bunch of American college kids hockey machine @FreskyHistory GC శ8 CCCP CCCP 2に


Text - "You are being accused of covering up the break-in of the Democrats' office at the Watergate" Richard Nixon: @FreskyHistory Was that wrong. Should I not have done that? tbs


Product - American schools American schools teaching about ww2 teaching about the Korean War @FreskyHistoryoryOC


Cartoon - The US when they realize they need Wernher von Braun to help beat the Soviets @FreskyHistory No one who speaks German could be an evil man. F


Facial expression - People in the 50's: "Im afraid of communists" Therapist : "Would you like to share more with me' People in the 50's : (SCREAMING)

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