30 Middle Class Memes For Lighthearted Suburbanites

Do you take pleasure in converting old doors into coffee tables or old coffee tables into pallets? Do you spend a lot of time carefully crafting email responses? Does grabbing a beer or two at the local Chili’s after a Sunday at Home Depot sound appealing to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might get a kick out of these neat memes by novelty memelord @middleclassfancy. We’re big fans of this hilarious account and love to share these tongue-in-cheek gems every chance we get.


Wood - Took me all day yesterday but finally finished. A pallet I made from an old coffee table.


Face - The electoral college map: *exists* Everyone: @middleclassfancy ?? ?? BB


Team - Tommy Bahama shirt Says dumb political stuff Looks great on date night @middleclassfancy


Text - Randall Otis @RandallOtisTV [Podcasters] "We are on the cusp of transforming into a fascist nation. A country on the brink of civil war. I know when I'm in a civil war, I get hungry. That's why Blue Apron-"


Text - When Nance is absolutely gone off silly goose juice and sees you come down stairs in the Tommy Bahama shirt she got you for Christmas @middleclassfancy


Text - mof middleclassfancy @midclassfancy If Joe Biden referred to himself as Joe Viben just one time before the election this shit would be a landslide


Face - Bro did you seriously not have a well balanced breakfast this morning bro? Bro please just have some bacon and eggs bro. It's the most important meal of the day bro. @middleclassfancy


Text - My official election prediction Trump Biden OMeat and cheese on a piece of wood @middleclassfancy


Text - What is a suitable punishment for my 14 year old daughter... She used MY FABRIC SCISSORS TO CUT TORTILLA WRAPS .O 93 96 Comments 3m Like Reply Judi Death 2 3m Like Reply


Face - Me when I get to the part of my ballot that has nothing to do with presidents @middleclassfancy


Food - If by “clubbing" you mean making and eating club sandwiches... then yes, I love clubbing.


Text - marc ecko @Offparoletx So my mom said she can take us to the civil war or pick us up, but she's not doing both.


Face - Man i hate this time change @middleclassfancy Haha I know, it gets dark too early Yeah


Face - please, it's not a pyramid scheme. they are illegal. It's called multi level marketing and is an amazing opportunity. please just try it. Be your own boss and make a ton of money on the side. Please


French bulldog - *in checkout line* Mom: "I forgot something. I'll be right back." Me: @middleclassfancy


Text - cal? @cal_gif I can NOT believe my mom just vibe checked my aunt ll AT&T 10:22 AM @ 1 0 91%| Mom > Good morning. For this years Thanksgiving, I am asking that we do not invite your Aunt Barbara. I visited her the other day, and I really did not like the energy she was projecting. We don't need to deal with that again this year. Thanks.


Organism - *working at home* My boss: Send me that report ASAP Me six beers deep at Chili's after spending two hours at Home Depot:


Facial expression - Me at Home Depot A poor bag of soil who did nothing wrong


Text - mof middleclassfancy @midclassfancy No matter the outcome of the election, I just hope both candidates have fun ;)~


Text - ed @edgdhh 2nite @ work a customer •ordered 3 meatballs •ate them all •ordered 3 more meatballs •ate those too •told his server to take empty plates b4 his wife got there •wife gets there •server takes both of their orders •he goes "i think ill try the meatballs" WHAT WAS HE HIDING >


Christmas lights - Nobody: White people on November 1st:


Text - Matt Bellassai O @MattBellassai every time i reply to an e-mail, i sound like a civil war widow: "Apologies for the slow reply. 'Twas a long and trying winter and life has been naught but a constant chain of struggle and despair. Please excuse my idleness during these troubled %3D times..."


Product - Me recording the hibachi chef doing the onion volcano like I haven't seen it 536 times


Text - Jon ... @ArfMeasures Therapist: What's wrong? Me: If I do the Borat voice once more, I'll be getting a divorce Therapist: And who told you that? Me: *tearfully clears throat*


Text - < Messages Mom Details Isn't that so silly they're all so talented


Face - When you post a picture wearing your I Voted sticker on your nose cuz you're a silly little goose I Voted @middleclassfancy


Face - When you have a plate full of food, but can't find anything to watch @middleclassfancy


Text - When your wife remembers the barn door y'all bought at a yard sale 6 months ago @middleclassfancy I am once again asking you to turn this into a table


Text - CNN CN @CNN This baby born on Standing Rock Indian Reservation was named Mni Wiconi, which means Water is Life cnn.it/2fb52Hx Gail Walden @GailWalden6 · 7m @CNN my grandson is named Chad :) 2


Text - James @CaucasianJames grocery store clerk: did u find everything ok today me, who couldn't find the tortillas after 30 minutes of searching: yes <>

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