lets. lets not call donald trump ‘fuhrer trump’. im not saying this bc of the “is comparing donald trump to hitler minimizing the holocaust” discussion that we were having in early 2016 because i don’t think that rhetoric is relevant any more, at this point historical context is very important, but holy shit, please don’t call him führer trump!

i’m jewish and thats the most triggering antisemitism-related thing ive heard in ages, like fuck don’t do that? don’t tell me i’m living under a second nazi germany in such a casual, flippant, ironic way? he is the president, he is doing terrible things, and this isn’t time for your cute little jokes about how we’re all going to be as fucked as the germans were. don’t do that. DON’T call him hitler for cheap emphasis when i’m already trying so hard to feel anything but paralyzing terror

(edit: please if you tend to put SJ stuff on your blog reblog this post instead of just liking it, i really want it to get visibility)

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