IMPORTANT INFO FOR WHAT’S CURRENTLY HAPPENING IN TRUMP’S AMERICA: a lot of unwarranted raids are happening across the U.S right now. The latest states that have been targeted by this massive sweep is California, Arizona, Texas, and now Georgia. Over 100 people have been detained, most likely without a warrant. And before someone says “they’re just keeping the criminals out!1!”, lawyers who were able to consult some of the people detained did not have a criminal record. There have also been reports of officers trailing kids walking home from school to lead to their parents.  These officers DO NOT. HAVE. THE RIGHT. TO DETAIN PEOPLE. WITHOUT. A WARRANT.  


Here’s some more info on what’s happening in Georgia 

I told you the Muslims were the first step. They’re coming after Latinos with no criminal records in their own homes now. Three minutes from my house they detained over 100 people yesterday and literally dragged them out of their houses. They are pulling drivers over on the streets asking for papers. They are following school buses home and arresting parents when they meet the children at the stops. They’re not releasing the names of anyone they have apprehended. They’re not answering any questions from journalists/CHIRLA/the public or giving reasons as to why they’re detaining people without access to immigration attorneys. ICE has gone rogue and it seems to be in retaliation for the 9th circuit ruling against the Muslim Ban. It was clear that the Justice Department was losing during arguments on Tuesday and about 24 hours later random raids all across the country started happening? Not a coincidence.

Meanwhile on Twitter, Republicans are challenging each other to see who can report more “illegal looking people” to the ICE tip line. There are accounts proudly boasting their report tallies and encouraging more to follow suit. Others are saying they reported their neighbors or friends of friends. Any resemblance to Nazi Germany is not unintentional. Be safe out there. We’ve waded into very dangerous territory.

I don’t have a lot of followers, but any of you who can translate this in other languages, especially Arabic and French, please add to this post!

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